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Thought Leader

Innovative and successful businesswoman

As a black female farmer, Mbali Nwoko’s story is truly unique and inspiring. She provides a different insight and perspective from her mostly male peers, while also utilising technology to practice precision farming.

Her background as an innovative and successful businesswoman enables her to look at the agricultural industry through a different set of eyes, as she identifies gaps of potential and growth in the sector. She is part of a movement of farmers who have embraced the digital and commercial aspects to enhance the industry.

Whether it is agriculture, managing a business or discussing the government’s impact on the sector, Mbali has proven herself to be a wealth of information for a variety of publications. Even though she has only been in the industry for a short period of time  3 years, she already serves as a mentor and inspiration to the next generation up and coming South African farmers.

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Thought Leader

Thought Leader

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