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How to create tasks for your farm using a digital app.

Mbali Nwoko - 10th Sep 2020 - 1 comment

Using digital technology to help you farm better.

If anything, what COVID-19 has taught us is that we should all embrace technology and most importantly, use it as a tool to increase productivity, improve efficiencies and effectiveness in our everyday working lives.

During the lockdown period, we’ve had to embrace working from home and communicate with our colleagues remotely. For some, the sudden change has been a difficult transition, especially for farm managers who manage and oversee a diverse team consisting of the field to office staff and for others, this new normal has been an absolute joy.

Fortunately enough, the invention of digital farming tools available via mobile phones, tablets and desktops are examples of innovative communication and reporting channels that can be used as an extension of farming operations.

Furthermore, they serve as an enabler to capture accurate records and data which can be converted into actionable farming insights, through the creation of tasks.

An effective way to create tasks for your farm that employees can have access to, including those working remotely, can be done by using a simple farming app available at the touch of a button.

Download the app here, register and follow the steps below:


  1. Click on New Task


2. Choose the Task you want to create. For this blog, we shall create a Custom Task


3. Enter the Task Name i.e: Maize Planting, then click on Continue 


4. Under Parameter, you can input your preferred format (i.e: Text) and input the relevant label (i.e: Land No) as you would manually on a spreadsheet (see example below). 

Your Parameters are similar to column headings in a spreadsheet, therefore, you have the option to add as many parameters as you need.  Click Continue followed by Submit.



5. Task Assignment permits you to assign a task to a specific person. Going back to our example, you can assign this task to the individual responsible for capturing the information i.e: planting, weeding, spraying or harvesting etc. Let’s say her name is Sakhe and so you will input her name in the open bar.

Note: You can enable permissions on your device settings to access your contact list directly from your phonebook, in order to assign tasks to individuals from your contacts.


6. Scheduling: Set your due date and click under Frequency to select the option specific to your farm. And then Continue.


7.  Next, you will see a page confirming everything you have added with regard to Maize Planting and before you confirm the task, you have the option to see how Sakhe (the person you have selected to complete the task) will view the task you have created for her. Once you are satisfied with everything, click Confirm


8. A popup screen should appear to have this task created as a Template for the next time you want to plant again. If you want to save the template tick in the box or you have the option of leaving it open. Then click Ok.


9. Finally, what you will be able to see is the Maize Planting task that you have created for Sakhe.

Whats great about this digital app is that you can Export this information onto an Excel spreadsheet and access it on your computer to be used as data for your farm.



For example, once the actual maize planting (activity) is completed, the information can serve as part of your farm records and can be easily accessible on demand.

Furthermore, you can share the information with other team members and managers may use this as part of monitoring the teams’ performance and or KPIs.

It’s that simple!

Try it for yourself and share your feedback.





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1 comment

  1. Lesibana Sekhasembe

    Hy Mbali
    My sister has recently acquired 10 acres of land in the rural Limpopo village. She has a passion for farming as she’s always planting in our backyard. However, she lacks funds. Can you please advise on the channels of fundings in the agricultural sector. Thanks.

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