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Funding organisations for Farmers

Mbali Nwoko - 8th Jul 2020 - 108 comments

It’s no secret that farming is a highly capital intensive business and if you are a farmer looking for funding to start or expand your business, the following companies may just be the best place to start:

1.Capital Harvest

Capital Harvest is a niche agricultural finance company based in Cape Town that focuses only on agricultural finance. Their financing model is similar to those of commercial banks however, the difference with them is that they provide tailor-made financing options for farmers and view “risk” in agriculture different to the commercial banks. Their financing products range from revolving credit loans, term loans, production loans and funding specifically geared towards emerging farmers. 

2. AgFunder 

AgFunder is a venture capital firm based in the US that has a global community of over 70 000 members. Their mission is to invest in technologies that rapidly transform the food and agricultural system. Farmers can directly benefit from this platform, as the investors have a large appetite for agricultural businesses, internationally.

3. Livestock Wealth 

Livestock Wealth is a crowdfunding platform that assists livestock farmers to access finance through investors and sustain their farms or farm assets. In addition to the financing, they also provide market access for farmers to sell their produce to the listed food outlets that they have partnered with, provide quality animal healthcare as well as animal tracking protection. 

4. Agrikool 

Agrikool finance is another digital crowdfunding platform that links small scale farmers to investors and market access opportunities. How it works is that investors invest in a farm and they get their returns on investment from the produce that’s harvested and sold to formal and informal markets. Farmers also get to benefit from this platform as they manage logistics, providing efficient and reliable transport. 

5. iThala 

iThala is a development finance corporation that’s based in KZN with integrated business solutions varying from financial to property services. Under their Business Finance portfolio, financing is made available to Agriculture and Agro-Processing and their funding solutions include the following: land and fixed improvements, working capital, equipment and livestock finance to name a few. 

Let me know if you’ve found this post helpful and remember that several other organisations offer financial assistance to farmers which are not mentioned above. 

Do your research. 

P.S: The organisations listed above are merely recommendations and neither companies have sponsored this blog post. 

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  1. mathapell

    I find this intresting and informative.As a young female farmer i think it is educative plantorm for my farming foundation.

    • Mbali Nwoko

      thank you

      • I request funding for my small scale farming project! 8 already have land and a business concept that requires capital input. The whole idea is to create food security for Afrikan people in rural areas and to move away from GMO food. Please help if you can. My phone number is 081 317 6918. Thank you

        • Mbali Nwoko

          Hi Nakedi, please contact the above companines and also try see if you can raise capital in your own personal capacity to invest in your farm.

      • Khaya

        Struggling to find funding and have land need to be educated about farming so I can provide for my family and employer othes.

  2. I’m a young and dedicated farmer who is looking for funding to kick start my farming career

  3. Zolile Norman Hanabe

    I have found this advertisement very helpful to me as an emerging farmer. I am the chairman of the Eyethu Emerging farmers Association and we are 44 members. I would like to be a full time farmer. Is it possible to get more information on the assistance to emerging farmers.

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Farmers need information on where to get funding for their different commodities, they have the challenge of accessing relevant information for their farming operations, and most importantly market.

  4. Hazel Mbele

    I would like to know more about the funding and a person to contact.

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Hi Hazel, you would need to contact the companies directly.

      • Dawn Legodi

        This is valuable information, thank you very much. My team is interested in buying land to farm Moringa.

        Kindly advise us, which is the revelant funder should we approach for funding?

        We’ve put together a business plan and ready to submit our application for funding.

        Thank you

        • Mbali Nwoko

          Hi Dawn, a description is given under each company based on what they fund, therefore contact the one relevant to you.
          Please note that this is not an exhastive list however you may approach other companines.
          Also speak to an agri banker in any of the retail banks to guide you on your business plan before you submit it you any organisation.

      • Confidence Montewa

        I am also a female farmer who is looking for funding that can help me through my farm ,,, i have a livestock and rented a place ..

  5. Kabelo Maleka

    Please forward me the list of companies that can help me with finances to help my farming company grow, I’m a cattle farmer in the north west province and want to go into cattle farming on a full-time scale.

    Kind regards

    Kabelo Maleka

  6. Londiwe

    Thank you so much for the insight and the hook up

  7. Peter Pheko

    Please help me with funding for my poultry business

  8. Sonwabo Nozajwe

    Hello i am a black South African male aged 37 . I am looking for assistance in funfing i have poultry or pigs that i am owning so i am struggling with feed.

    I hope this request will receive your utmost consideration

  9. Teko

    Production loan for livestock and crop production. Access to finance has always been a problem for farmers and a comprehensive business plan for funded activities

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Indeed, receiving funding for production loans is not easy, especially if you don’t have a solid business plan, confirmed markets and some capital and security.

  10. Keobame Mokhwae

    Can you fund me I want to open a poultry farming

  11. Nsikayezwe Xulu

    I’m persuing a career in chicken farming. I have been trained through a farm that grows for Rainbow, and I’m looking into that opportunity as well. Rainbow has paused their expansion plan, due to this pandemic. Would I be legible for funding or assistance when things are back to normal?

    • Mbali Nwoko

      you would need to direct that question to Rainbow directly. Please also draft a solid business plan in the interim ie: how you will grow the chickens, generate revenue etc….

  12. Bongani Monedi

    I would like to pursue citrus farming kindly assist with information

  13. Philani Mzolo

    I am looking for funding for my farming Agri-Group that I have started. I got a business plan few cows,sheep’s and goats but I’m looking to be funded with land pls .Do not hesitate to get back to me at

  14. Hloni

    I would like to find out more on funding

  15. emmanuel

    Hello Mbali,

    My family has a 300ha farm in the Free State. We want to grow the land and start production of mixed farming but at the moment we need funding. Do you have any recommendations regarding funding or even partnerships we can look at?

  16. Odwa Faith Jonas

    I am starting a farming project, I have secured a land but now withs pandemic things are a bit steady .I am based in the Eastern Cape from Tsolo. Am lookinf for finding,

  17. Bojotlhe Leteane

    Your post was very informative and helpful. I’m especially impressed by the short description of the services offered by each DFI. To the point.

    Much appreciated.

  18. Julia Lephoro

    I am looking for Finance for Livestock. I am a new beginner

  19. Jeffrey Ntshwane

    I want to start a farming at my community and I don’t have funding. Can you please help me.

  20. William Mafora

    Good day ther is a plot that is for sale for R300 000 that I am interested in I would like to do farming in it. Farming is my passion assist me please

  21. Good day .

    I am new in farming and i have 3 hectors for my late father . I am asking for a help on when and what i can plant during changing seasons. Now i have planted tomatoes and masturd (muchayina), water mellon also oakra . I am also asking for a help if i can get funding so that i can clean and buy more pipe ,, equipment and petrol for generator because i am using a boreholed water.

    I also sell chickens which i grow on my own.

    I will appreciate your help . Thank you.

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Good day Faith, you will need to do your soil and water tests and then be in touch with an agronomist for assistance to advise you what you need to farm based on your water and soil results. They will also recommend the relevant input supplies needed in your growing plan. You would need to rotate with crops that compliment each other. Try raising capital in your personal capacity if you can, to buy your irrigation equipment, petrol etc…. and you need to also keep some income generated from your tomatoes and mustard spinach sales, to ensure that you have some money for your operational expenses.

  22. Mncedisi Khumalo

    Hi, I am based in Northern Kzn, Utrecht and interested in Farming since I occupied the number of farms under the board called Amantungwa Development Trust, we believe you will assist us as community with funding other other resources related to farming.

  23. I am an individual with farming interest and research on poultry farming. I need capital for this project and I’m asking for your advice. I’m leaving in Kenya.
    I will really appreciate your directives. Thanks.

  24. Thanks for this list. I will do a bit of research on as well. Can you direct me to possible directory where I can find companies dealing in agriculture base products in SA? This could be seed manufacturers, advisory from, buyers, etc.


  25. Goodday
    I’m interested in farming and poultry where can I be assistant

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Please contact the companies directly or reach out to SA Poultry Association as an alternative, and they can be of assistance by giving you detailed information /advice.


    Hi,im looking for a help for funding.
    Can i get application forms

  27. Solly Letsoalo

    Hi. I would like to know if one wants to apply for a funding , how is that process or who are the contact datails of the people in charge?

  28. Tebogo barros

    I only own 2hectors of a land and can’t any form of loan
    All doors are closed for

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Hi Tebogo, what is the feedback that you are getting when your application is rejected for funding?

      • Mmarona

        I’m new in the Poultry business and require funding to expand my business. Please assist.

        • Mbali Nwoko

          Hi Mmarona, please contact the South African Poultry Association, Im sure that they can assist you in drafting a good business plan and lead you to the right investors/funders interested in poultry farming.

  29. Lusajo Anangisye

    Hi Mbali!
    I am Lusajo from Tanzania and would like to know which organisation or if you have any advice on someone/company which is ready to/can invest in Tanzania and mostly on long term plants e.g Avocado or Macadamia. Check me on my email please or WhatsApp +255655770277

  30. Phindi Dube

    Thank you Mbali for motivation about Farming. We as single headed households from South Africa,KZN,outskirts of Durban village,of Nazareth. Our Farming is a 2ha,vegetable garden ,but only produced on 1ha currently due to lack of funding. We buy our own seedlings. We are semi-fenced,and partially resourced.
    We currently in desperate for park homes or containers for meetings or workshops, also,in need of water irrigation pipes.
    Thanking you in advance.
    On behalf of Impilo Yethu Farming
    Phindi Dube ( Mrs)

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Hi Phindi, because you mention that you are under-resourced I would advise you to focus on the necessities right now to grow that 1ha production into a 2ha production. Plant crops in that 1ha that have a short growing season so that you can fit as many planting cycles as you can in 12months, and then you will grow into producing on 2ha. Irrigation, you can get really affordable mainline and sprinkler systems at agricultural shops closer to you or irrigation companies. Re park homes, you can rent a park home/ container instead of buying and rentals can vary between R1500 – R3000 a month depending on the size, however, again, focus on increasing your production first then you may consider doing workshops, that would be my advice.

  31. Mlamli Futshane

    Please assist me in obtaining funding for a mass poultry farm for community of approximately 149. The farm is established at a commercial level to curb the ongoing complaints by farmer that they are sidelined. I like the Agrikool approach because they will be part of business management till they recover their capital but I do not want a situation of glorified business owners.

  32. Papiki Malesela Johannes Masopoga

    I would like to access fund for studying a poultry farming.There is already and existing structure I can lease from the state agency which was used for poultry farming.I just a starting capital.

  33. Vera-Lee Mateza

    I’m an ardent gardener,love planting and flowers. I have a small space in my yard I utilize it for various plants and flowers. I have a niche that I can try and do this on a bigger scale. Hence I think farming is one of the options I fancy.
    One of the passion I have a feeling of doing is, live stock, but on a smale scale as a start. I grew up in the township, but seeing cows and sheep in the rural areas where I studied I knew that one day I shall own s farm.
    I need an advise on how do I start, which places do I go to for further information.I once tried to inquire at the Agricultural department but didnt get any information I was advised by one lady who had a small scale farm here in Gauteng. I haven’t given up on my dream.

    Im keen in vegetable planting for a start and fowls and sheep rearing. The objective is to supply retail shops, hotels, bed and breakfast etc.

    Thanking you in advance for advise.


  34. Mokganyeng Lenias Chiloane

    Our business is poultry farming, we have 11 chicken hooks and we have about 200 chicken’s. We need support

  35. Lunga Bolo

    Looking for a funding for a good farming plan initiative, currently am running a small farming that have it’s startup needs and injection to become profitable

  36. Jack Moalosi

    I need help on livestock. Am dealing with cows and goats at commercial land. I need farm to manage my breeding and grow as a farmer.

  37. D

    Luking for funding, I hv few cow’s and land

  38. Eddie Mahlalela

    Dear Mbali,
    Can you clarify if the aforementioned entities only offer assistance to South Africans and in South Africa? I’m a South African currently farming in Mozambique just across the border due to lack of farmland in SA.

  39. Dear Mbali,
    Can you clarify if the aforementioned entities only offer assistance to South Africans and in South Africa? I’m a South African currently farming in Mozambique just across the border due to lack of farmland in SA.

  40. Simon Motlhabi

    Hello i am poultry farming startup can be assembled I will appreciate your response

  41. Thanto

    Good afternoon I have an interest in farming, dealing with crops sheep’s. goats, cow and poultry, I don’t have funds by profession I m a Horticulturist

  42. Hi Mbali thanks for giving us those funding organizations we will try our best to contact each of them my company Mdikoni Holdings.Just advise me how can I start to farming ,I do have a land in Eastern Cape anyone who can assist here please.

  43. Im a small farmer willing to workhard upon livestock farming so im requesting help from the investors or any help from any funding organisations that can help or assist me im busy with a pig farming and now I have a problema with a market to sell my pigs so please I need help inorder to be a big farmer my cellphone number is 0760485800 im staying at siyabuswa

  44. We are a family have land and some livestock. We want to grow into business livestock farming and crops and herbs farming.
    We need capital for startup and some machineries.
    My contact number: 082 928 4387
    Thanks for this valuable information.

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Please contsact the abovementioned companines.
      Kindly ensure that you have your documents in place, see previous blog (Funding requirement checklist) and have a business plan in place. Alternatively you may contact the DTI, IDC, Masisizane Fund, Sernick Group and others….

  45. Molefe Masilo

    Looking for financial assistance to buy livestock, I have well fenced farm.

  46. Chesed Lola Liambula

    Is the funding available for farmers in Kenya?


    Hi I would like to apply finance for poultry farming interested in egg farming

  48. Hi I need to start farming am in Utrecht but my uncle is Mdlomodlomo please me contact and form…..072 417 2337

  49. Jignesh Thakor

    Jignesh from India

    I want start Agriculture Farming business in Africa
    1. Vegetable farming
    2. Poultry farm
    3. Corn farming

    On medium scale basis

    my Business Model Is Simple

    location of Site ( Farm ) : kapiri mposhi ( zambia )

    I want to build farm
    50 ha. Land
    Crops i grow in 30 ha.
    Vegetable crops
    1. Tomato
    2. Cabbage
    3. latuce
    4. Capcicum

    15. Hactor i will grow corn

    5 hac. I will build poultry house

    3 hac. I will build goat farm

    2 hac. Will build pond for fish and duck farming

    First year work in 50 hac. Then year by year increase land

    i want investor/Partner
    anyone interested please contact me

  50. For those in the Western Cape here is another opportunity –

    Thanks, Mbali, we need to discuss Non-GMO certification for your farm 🙂

  51. Sipenathi

    Hello Sis Mbali

    I discover your content exceptionally enlightening, I am Sipenathi a 22 year old South African woman. I am based in Cape Town, currently a 3rd year student studying Entrepreneurship. I have started a farming for pigs I would like to develop the business but the challenge is the space because it’s not big enough on the other hand I would like to be funded…
    Thank you

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Hi Siphenathi, im gald you find my blogs informative:-)
      I would advise for you to have a solid business plan on your piggery production and do as muc research as you can.
      All the best with your studies.

  52. Thato

    Hi Mbali

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing all the info. I see you mentioned that there are apps used for recording purposes. Can you please share their names?

  53. Mbalentle Sipingane

    Hi Mbali

    My colleagues and I have recently registered a NPO. We already have a 60ha farm to work on (has fencing, infrastructure, and is still in good condition).

    Our main concern, and this has gave us many sleepless nights, is funding (where to go, what to submit, how to go about it). I am truly grateful for you and your blog posts, you’ve been an eye opener and I am now excited and ready to apply for those funds.


    • Mbali Nwoko

      Congrats on your farm Mbalentle. Wishing you all the success. Try reaching out to either of the companines mentioned above and see what they say. Alternatively, reach out to the IDC, DTI, Masisizane Fund and SAB Foundation.

  54. This is how the Future Agro Challenge was born, a global platform that focuses on innovation from farm to fork by integrating all cultures to fix the complex food system, and empowering farmers as the caretakers of the earth. FAC now has presence in 64 countries on all five continents.   The organisation builds a dialogue and acts as a convener to find the best revolutionary and feasible solutions that can be held up high for the world to see there are other ways.  These solutions are brought forward to industry experts, policy makers, private sector, and media to help shape the complex global food chain system.

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