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A hands-on farmer will always win the day!

Bc_Admin - 27th Sep 2017 - 1 comment

Agriculture is said to be the oldest industry to have been in existence and has evolved over the years. And as much as we are living in the “so-called” fourth industrial revolution age where our lives and businesses have been taken over by technology and innovation, I still affirm that a hands-on farmer will always win the day.

A hands-on farmer will stand the test of time, irrespective of economic or climatic conditions. Key to success in farming is undoubtedly being on the farm and having a thorough understanding of your entire production from beginning to end. Too many people portray that they are actual farmers however when you visit their farms, often times you find a farm manager running the show or you find general staff members going about their daily activities and the only time that they hear from the farmer/owner is when he/she sends a text message or decides to call and give instructions over the phone. Now, I have nothing against farm managers nor am I trying to discredit their value, however, as the farmer/owner, you need to be present in the business and know your farm well enough or even better than the farm manager you employ. Gone are the days of simply relying on your farm manager to oversee the entire operations, manage the team and look after the clients.

Many successful farms have liquidated because of this and also due to the fact that the farm owners became heavily reliant on the farm manager and could not ensure business continuity even after the resignation/departure of the farm manager.

So dear farmer /farm owner, take some time to invest in your farm by spending a decent amount of time in your business and not on it. Create that balance. Yes, we may adopt systems and processes that enable us to streamline operations, however, there are no shortcuts in farming and that’s why it’s viewed as the toughest industry to venture into. Farming is not easy and certainly not attractive to the average man on the street, however, it has the potential of being highly rewarding, and that can only be achieved by simply being hands-on.

There are no shortcuts to farming, you just have to put in the work and get your hands dirty. #farming #farmer #agriculture #greenterrace #agribusiness

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1 comment

  1. Gqira Kabane

    Hands on approach is a blessing as it is Gods instruction. Farming started in Eden, it opens up your mind as you are in touch with nature. Nature is the best teacher in all things. When you can learn from nature then you have attained the highest lessons in life.
    Best aeronautic companies are still learning today from nature. Airbus “Birds of prey” wings is a concept from nature.

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