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6 Farming Apps to help you with your production.

Mbali Nwoko - 11th Jun 2020 - 19 comments

It’s no secret that technology has been at the forefront in driving change and innovation to the agricultural sector, to help farmers improve efficiencies on their farms.  

As a grower, I embrace the adoption of technology, knowing first hand how overwhelming life on the farm can get, with increased workload and responsibilities. 

Listed below are some 6 farming apps (in no particular order) that can help farmers with their farm management, data, sales and access to markets. 


Recently launched Axl, is a platform that allows farmers to access mechanisation on demand through a community of quality-rated equipment service providers (dealers, equipment owners and contractors) across South Africa. Users are charged a fee per transaction on the platform. So if you are a farmer that does not possess farming equipment and implements, then you might consider trying out this app. 


DigiAg is an app that allows the farmer to digitally manage their farm by setting boundaries of their fields, recording information such as pests, crops, rainfall, staff activities etc. It also connects farmers to agricultural advisors that can provide expert advise on advanced data-driven services that will help increase yields, improve efficiencies, reduce risk and ensure long term sustainability. The app is free to use and is available on Apple and Android. 


The Aerobotics app allows farmers to early detect unwanted pests and diseases through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and drone imagery. The app is primarily targeted towards orchard and tree crop growers who have the option to sign onto the web-based platform or download the app on their mobile devices. The option to test the platform is free however a fee is charged per drone flight requested. 


For the livestock farmer, SwiftVee is a platform that helps farmers find and view livestock auctions. Farmers can trade their livestock, view sales and request multiple quotes from livestock agents and agencies across various regions. The app is available on both Apple and Android and also supports live webcast auctions and silent auctions. 


Khula enables bulk buyers (food processors, packhouses, distributors) to directly procure from growing emerging and small scale farmers through the app. Khula is free to use and has a listing of over 3000 vetted farmers producing crops ranging from vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts. Also available on the platform is a marketplace for farmers to source agricultural inputs. 

Tillo helps farmers record, retrieve and share information relevant to their farms. The information on the app is available in real-time and provides full control and visibility of farm data, tasks as well as the team. The app is also free to use and is available on Google and App store. 


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  1. Sibongiseni Bonongo

    I want to start farm, thus this blog has given me some knowledge where so start on. I’m interested in cattle production and commercial farming I need to do more research on it. Thank you with this article

    • Mbali Nwoko

      Thank you Sibongiseni. Cattle farming, perhaps contact the Sernick Group and or Bonsmara Association, they have programmes for startup cattle and livestock farmers.

    • Boitumelo

      Greetings Mbali. Firstly thank you for sharing such enlightening information trully thankful. May I please ask of websites or any link that will be helpful with cannibas licence and farming. Its hard getting all information online especially basics when starting of such a business. If there is anyway you can assist I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  2. Koenene Leanya

    Thanks Mbali, i always find your articles insightful. Indeed tech is revolutionizing farming

  3. Stephen

    Do you train other farmers from other African countries ?

  4. Simiso Sibusiso Mthembu

    Thank you Mbali, your articles are indeed insightful. Here in Nkandla there’s a lot of unused land and i want to start farming. I wanna know how do i go about that and which good and bad things i should look at before using the land for crops.

  5. Ntombozuko

    Hello Mbali, Ntombozuko Sizani here
    My 3 friends and I want to start farming, and we have decided to start on growing chickens, and later expand our livestock, because main aim was to at least gain some profit through selling the chickens then with the profit we buy pigs, grow them and sell again.
    Ii am writing to you because we need some guidance and also need some financial support.
    Any help coming from you will be appreciated.

    I am very much happy that your twit had popped on my timeline

    • Mbali Nwoko

      For assistance in poultry, please contact the SA Poultry Association as they may be able to assist you with how to grow your poultry production.

  6. Simangaliso Radebe

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog. Will tell a friend to refer too.
    Yes farming is a big family, you can’t be a know it all alone in this industry.
    Thank you for this piece of work ❤️????
    God bless

  7. Patricia

    I am just embarking on my new journey of farming in South Africa and i am so glad i bumped into this blog. There is an invaluable wealth of information in your blogs. Thank you so much for what you do.

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